Laws of attraction- The secret

    At the onset I warn you that after reading this post you may be completely disheartened as the contents would not seem to match what you were expecting after reading the title! Yet, it may be the case you may not be least bothered about it not matching your expectations! Well, to cut the long story short, what I am going to reveal is the secret to achieve what you want to. 
     The law of attraction in concern states that like attracts like, good attracts good, love attracts love, money attracts money and so on... Now, dont confuse it with "opposites attract" that u have been mugging up all these years. I am talking about our lives and not materialistic physics! So, if you hate war and join a mass movement against it, you are not helping the cause! Agitated again!!?? What I want to say is you are just providing more energy to the undesired topic and indirectly helping it. Instead if you join a peace rally you would be of  a great help! Did you ever hear Mother Teresa in anti-war movement? No, but peace movements? YES! So think about peace, you will attract peace, if you hate a politician, join his opponent rather than showing the negatives of the politician you hate!
   Great people seem to know the SECRET very well. May it be Einstein or Mother Teresa. So, if you dream to achieve something, think positively about it and never have thoughts like "Its beyond my reach" or "will I be ever able to do it?"  If you keep yourself overwhelmed by negative thoughts, you would attract negative energies, which would act as a feedback, finally crushing you down!! And if you have good thoughts, you attract more of them, if you feel satisfied, you get more of it, if you want to achieve something and think positively about it, you get closer to your goal, you get new ideas, new energies drawing you closer to what you want.
   So, its up to you what you want in your life and from your life. To end this post I would like to add "No one else can dance ur dance, no 1 else can sing ur song, no1 else can write ur story..."

How a Computer Engineer would compare Love marriage VS Arranged marriage!

A very Happy new year to my readers. After quite some time I found a topic interesting enough which I can't restrain myself from sharing with you. The title above says much about it but don't take it as another pros and cons list of different types of marriage. This time its how a computer science engineer would look at the type of marriage-love or arranged! Found it to be a very apt and fair comparison, and I am not taking any sides.
           The list is of course not an exhaustive one, so am eagerly waiting for your add-ons and to know which side do you take ??

N.B. If you can't read the table below due to its font size, kindly click on it, a new tab will open with an enlarged version.

Living Fossils in your fingers and BrainSex

              Brain sex refers to the maleness or femaleness of one's brain. To some this may seem to be an absurd topic to talk about but trust me although you are a male( or a female) your brain does not behave accordingly in the various situations of your life!! In some situations your brain may behave as a male's brain would do and at other times as a female's brain(irrespective of your gender)!! Yes, of course most of the times it should behave in accordance with your gender.

               In a wonderful documentary by BBC, it was shown whether you , in general,will make an eye contact with the person you talk to or will win a race in an athletic meet is determined by the testosterone released by you in the womb when you were only 16 week old foetus! Moreover, amount of the hormone secreted by you affects the length of your ring and index fingers. The longer your ring finger relative to your index finger means more the hormone you released giving you an efficient heart and vascular system. In other words the larger the ring finger than the index finger implies more maleness of your brain.
               In an experiment six athletes were made to compete in a race, prior to which the measurements of their fingers were studied and they were tagged as to who should come 1st, 2nd. 3rd and so on according to this theory. The larger the ring finger than index finger, more is he likely to win the race. Can you guess what was the outcome of the experiment? Was the theory successful  or just a waste of time? After they had completed their race they were made to stand in the order of their positions in the race and their sealed tags determined by pure theoretical study were opened. I almost fell off my chair when I saw the person who was theoretically tagged as "1st" actually came first!! Out of six athletes' tags four matched! 
              Well, this experiment surely makes me question the future of international competitions. If we can determine the winner of such events by the finger measurements of the athletes what would it lead to?? Even if we can't be hundred percent sure about the winner we can improve the chances by involving a person with larger ring finger to participate in the event! Imagine, whether it be cricket, hockey or football can this controversial yet breakthrough experiment help us select the team which can make us champions? 
             I would be glad to know similar questions coming in your mind, and would be more than happy to answer any queries related to the topic.
             Have a nice time analyzing the fossils in your fingers till I come back with another topic, Hope this was an interesting one!!

Request: When you are at it (that is analyzing your fingers), why not write your index finger and ring finger measurement here and make it all the more interesting!
My ring finger measures :7.8cm
and index finger :7.4cm

Note: Refer to the image above for the method of measurement and don't worry if you don't have vernier calipers. Normal rulers would be fine!

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My debut Blog

The title of this post makes it pretty clear that this is the first blog of my life. It has taken a lot of persuation from my friends to make me start writing and so at the onset I would like to thank them for all their efforts and inspirations (in the form of their blogs and in so many other ways) they provided me with to be a blogger!!

Its been a very long time since I wrote anything non-academical and so am finding myself short of words. It reminds me of my school days when I dreaded writing essays, but of late I have felt that creative writing is an important element missing in my periodic table (sorry for using non-creative academical references). So, I have decided to be regular at blogging and would try to write more interesting posts than this one.
Till I come across an interesting topic, I wait for my friends to give their inputs and tips whether it be on my next topic or regarding blogging.
Bye and thanx again to the creators and moderators of this community and all my dear friends. Tk cr. :)