Laws of attraction- The secret

    At the onset I warn you that after reading this post you may be completely disheartened as the contents would not seem to match what you were expecting after reading the title! Yet, it may be the case you may not be least bothered about it not matching your expectations! Well, to cut the long story short, what I am going to reveal is the secret to achieve what you want to. 
     The law of attraction in concern states that like attracts like, good attracts good, love attracts love, money attracts money and so on... Now, dont confuse it with "opposites attract" that u have been mugging up all these years. I am talking about our lives and not materialistic physics! So, if you hate war and join a mass movement against it, you are not helping the cause! Agitated again!!?? What I want to say is you are just providing more energy to the undesired topic and indirectly helping it. Instead if you join a peace rally you would be of  a great help! Did you ever hear Mother Teresa in anti-war movement? No, but peace movements? YES! So think about peace, you will attract peace, if you hate a politician, join his opponent rather than showing the negatives of the politician you hate!
   Great people seem to know the SECRET very well. May it be Einstein or Mother Teresa. So, if you dream to achieve something, think positively about it and never have thoughts like "Its beyond my reach" or "will I be ever able to do it?"  If you keep yourself overwhelmed by negative thoughts, you would attract negative energies, which would act as a feedback, finally crushing you down!! And if you have good thoughts, you attract more of them, if you feel satisfied, you get more of it, if you want to achieve something and think positively about it, you get closer to your goal, you get new ideas, new energies drawing you closer to what you want.
   So, its up to you what you want in your life and from your life. To end this post I would like to add "No one else can dance ur dance, no 1 else can sing ur song, no1 else can write ur story..."

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  1. A very good article in the first place
    really a nice one there buddy
    Two things 2 ask
    1. difference between Anti war & Peace?as both are analogous.
    2.To reach to the people you need a strong base na?
    I mean if, i or you stand in say our college and give some electrifying lectures on something barely a few people will stand out to hear
    but in place say an Ator says on "HI!" a thousand will line up.

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  3. Aptly this should be the the Law of Life!think better,get better!undoubtedly an inspiring post!Great:-0
    but i wanted to ask one thing that if u too join an opponent(in case of politics) are u not follwing the same leage???as in that case the same game continues of pinpointing flaws between each other,instead its better to remain an individual and present ur own comments after acquring a stong base.

  4. @tirtha-
    1. anti-war in the sense dont keep on showing or discussing the war and its effects, rather talk about peace, think abt peace.. its the way of looking things.. like glass is half full.

    2. I m not talking abt reaching to people.. I m talking abt SECRET of success.

  5. @srabani joining the Opponent was just an example, y did u assume joining an opponent means indulging in "corrupt practises"!!
    N.B.-This is not a post related to politics by any means.

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